Education reform is not wanting in passion, ideas and arguably, even funding. Yet, the current education landscape is mostly initiative-rich and outcome-poor. So what is missing? And how do you get from passion to good outcomes?

Safal Partners* is a mission-driven consulting firm that partners with people passionate about education reform to bring about deep and sustainable improvements in student outcomes. We drive change and bring about measurable results by leveraging three core competencies: world-class analytics, boots-on-the-ground execution and cutting-edge technology solutions. Our approach works to build trust and create systemic change. The result is the meaning of “Safal” in Sanskrit: “Good Outcomes.”

*Safal is a woman and minority owned business, certified in Texas and Rhode Island.

Direct and extensive education experience

We have worked as teachers, managed multi-million dollar education grant making programs at leading foundations, launched and led a Title IV university campus and headed large education non-profits. These first-hand experiences have instilled in us a profound understanding of the challenges faced by education organizations. We also bring deep domain expertise on issues critical to education reform such as teacher recruitment and evaluation, principal effectiveness, post secondary success and assessments, honed over multiple projects advising some of the most important voices in education reform. Finally, we bring exceptional breadth of experience, having partnered with organizations spanning the educational landscape from foundations to non-profits to school systems and state agencies, enabling us to take a holistic view of education reform and bring together disparate stakeholders for collaborative problem solving. Visit clients list.

World class business & management consulting skills

We bring world-class business and management consulting skills, instilled in premier education institutions and honed over years of experience leading teams in top-tier consulting firms like McKinsey and Co. and Fortune 500 companies. As thought partners for education stakeholders, Safal brings tested-and-proven frameworks, analytical skills, and methodologies to generate fresh insights, align stakeholders and usher in change. At the same time, our boots-on-the-ground implementation experience and project management expertise grounds our strategies and enables us to execute projects in accordance with industry-best standards.

Deep and cutting edge technology expertise

We believe in technology’s role in transforming education, from delivering individualized learning to developing teachers and school leaders to managing initiatives effectively and efficiently. We provide a results-driven team of technology consultants with experiences from the public and private sectors and expertise spanning all phases of an IT project. In particular, we bring expertise custom-designing and building technology solutions that support education reform. Users have termed applications designed by us as “nifty” and “a godsend”, signaling a change in attitude from one of frustration with top-down mandates to one of genuine pleasure at using tools designed with their needs in mind.