Texas Instructional Materials Reviewer Job Description

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) encourages you to be a part of a select group of Texas educators and experts who will conduct quality reviews for instructional materials, such as textbooks or online instructional programs. Instructional materials are one of the most important tools educators use in the classroom to improve student outcomes. As part of this select group, you will have the opportunity to broaden your impact, work with a talented group of peers in a supportive environment and receive continuing professional education (CPE) credit and a stipend for your contribution to this statewide effort.

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The Project

The TEA is developing an online Instructional Materials Portal (IMP) to provide clear, transparent, and user-friendly information about the quality of instructional materials using evidence captured by teams of Texas educators. As a part of that development process, TEA has contracted with Safal Partners to conduct independent reviews of instructional materials to support tens of thousands of educators by making available information that can help stakeholders select high-quality instructional materials vetted by fellow teachers and education experts.

Safal Partners, as TEA’s contractor, is seeking talented K–12 teachers, school leaders, instructional coaches, local education agency (LEA) staff, and English language arts and reading (ELAR) content experts across Texas to serve as Instructional Materials Reviewers. Selected reviewers will work in small teams to collect evidence and conduct quality reviews of instructional materials. Reviewers will collaborate with ELAR educators and experts from across Texas to produce instructional materials ratings and reports. LEAs and educators across Texas can use the reports to support their local instructional materials adoption decisions.

Reviewer Eligibility Benefits

Reviewers will play a leading role in supporting the selection of high-quality materials for their colleagues and students across Texas. All Texas educators, subject to restrictions below, are eligible to apply to be a reviewer. This includes classroom teachers, other school-based staff, district/LEA-based staff, and education service center (ESC) staff. Reviewers will have:

  • Deep content knowledge and experience with English language arts and reading, including an understanding of the TEKS in ELAR
  • A proven track record of achieving ambitious results with students
  • Passion for increasing educator capacity to seek, develop, and demand the highest quality materials
  • Commitment to ensuring Texas students have access to high-quality instructional materials
  • The ability to participate in both in-person and virtual conferences and collaborate with fellow reviewers as often as once a week during the review cycle

Selected reviewers will receive the following benefits:

  • Free, high-quality intensive training and ongoing professional development for which they will earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit
  • Total compensation for IMQE reviewers who complete all trainings and all reviews will be $2,500. This is split into three separate payments:
    • $625 stipend that reviewers will receive after attending the initial, required training
    • $1,250 stipend will be paid upon successfully completing the review process for a set of instructional materials
    • $625 will be received after a review is completed for completing the ongoing professional development
  • Additionally, team leads will receive additional compensation of $1000 for the additional time, responsibility, and training associated with this role
  • IMQE reviewers will be reimbursed for travel expenses

Additional Eligibility Guidelines include:

  • Applicants are not eligible if they have received monetary or non-monetary benefits (within the past seven years) from education technology providers or products and/or curriculum developers or publishers, including authoring or co-authoring a textbook currently on the market
  • Interested Texas educators are eligible to apply for this opportunity, regardless of their LEA’s participation in the IMQE pilot

Reviewer Roles

If selected, reviewers will be placed on a team comprised of five individuals. Team members will be assigned to one or more of the following roles on their team: Reviewer, Writer, and Team Lead.

  • Reviewer – Responsible for collecting evidence for assigned indicators, scoring assigned indicators, participating in virtual working sessions with their team, and working towards consensus
  • Writer – Produce reports based on the evidence their team collects about their assigned instructional materials
  • Team Lead – Serve as reviewers while also managing their teams to successfully review the materials

The application is uniform across roles, and Safal will engage with candidates during the selection process to provide additional information.

Reviewer Commitment

Review teams are expected to complete at least one review from June 2019 to November 2019, with the majority of work taking place between July and October. In some instances, a review team may be asked to review changes to a set of materials that have been updated by a publisher. In these instances, reviewers will receive a pro-rated stipend based on the size of the request. Team leads, and reviewers will commit to:

  • Team Meetings: 1 hour weekly (Virtual)
  • Individual review of materials: 8-10 hours weekly

Selected reviewers must attend a mandatory three-day training scheduled for June 15-17, 2019 to kick off the review process (in-person, location: Houston). Travel will be reimbursed, lodging will be paid for up front by Safal, and meals will be included subject to applicable legal eligibility requirements. TEA will also provide funding for substitute coverage for classroom teachers, subject to grant approval and the ability of funding.

How to Apply

TEA encourages you to complete the brief initial application today.

Applications will be reviewed and advanced on a rolling basis; the application deadline for reviewers focused on ELAR grades K–12 is Friday, April 19. After the initial application screening, candidates invited to continue in the selection process will complete a performance exercise related to the work of a reviewer and share student outcome data on their classroom experience, if applicable. Finalists will then be asked to participate in a final phone/video interview. If you have any questions, please email IMQE@safalpartners.com.