Turning expertise into outcomes for the state of Texas’ workforce and career and technical education system. 

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Our team has worked with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Career and Technical Education department since 2017 on projects that are making it easier for Texas teachers to access educational materials and learn new skills for their professional development. Ultimately, it will help Texas students achieve their personal, professional, and educational goals.

Read more about our work with the TEA below.

TEA CTE Resource Integration

Our team was contracted in January 2017 to integrate 10,000 CTE resources, which had been divided across seven independently run websites. The TEA saw the need to integrate the resources into a single collection to provide educators and practitioners with a single statewide resource repository.

To align our work with the TEA’s strategic vision, we:

  • Developed a comprehensive strategy for evaluating resources,
  • Migrated the resources, and
  • Engaged Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and external stakeholders.

These steps enabled us to create an actionable plan for migrating and curating CTE resources.

TEA CTE Instructional Design

As part of our ongoing work with the TEA CTE Resource Integration project, we are also in the process of creating web-based learning modules. Our instructional design team is currently transforming outdated courses into new web-based modules. The redesign includes:

  • Understanding the target audience and course objectives,
  • Assessing existing materials, and
  • Optimizing learner experience for the courses.

This project showcases our creative and technical instructional design abilities, which you can read more about below.