George W. Bush Institute

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Developed online training modules to build Principal leadership skills. The Bush Institute engaged Safal to help them create a roadmap for developing online training modules aimed at building principals’ skills as school leaders and managers of talent. The planning/feasibility phase was funded by the Gates Foundation and one of the deliverables was a concept proposal [...]

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Research & analysis of national financial aid landscape to inform portfolio strategy. The Gates Foundation wanted comprehensive research and analysis of the national financial aid landscape to inform their portfolio strategy. We worked with FSG to conduct primary and secondary research, including interviews with experts and focus groups with students, and synthesized recommendations for the [...]

Kern Family Foundation
PISA Benchmarking Plan

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Developed strategic plan & drafted investment proposal to fund “PISA for Schools” pilot initiative for international benchmarking of schools. The Kern Family Foundation supported an initiative to pilot “PISA for Schools” for international benchmarking of schools and local systems. We worked closely with the project team, Kern, and OECD to analyze the assessment environment, determine [...]

Greater Texas Foundation
Scholarship Landscape Analysis

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Strategic planning, research & analysis of scholarship landscape to help develop foundation’s signature scholarship program. Greater Texas Foundation engaged Safal to develop a strategic plan for their scholarship program to increase their impact on the educational outcomes of vulnerable youth in Texas. We partnered with FSG and the foundation to conduct extensive research on the [...]

Greater Houston Community Foundation and EduStart
Blended Learning Model Analysis

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GHCF asked our partner, EduStart, to conduct comprehensive research and analysis of blended learning models to inform its giving decisions. Our contributions to the project include: (1) Conducted research on Learning Management Systems and their influence on adaptive learning; (2) Contributed to a briefing paper to inform the field (3) Co-presented findings to a group [...]