Safal Partners Named an Approved Vendor for TEA Community Partnership Grants

September 3, 2018

Safal Partners is pleased to announce it has been named an approved vendor for the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Community Partnership Grant. As part of this work, Safal Partners will support the following school districts with the planning and implementation of a community school model that can support the various needs of their students:

  • Pharr-San Juan Alamo
  • East Austin College Prep
  • Houston Independent School District (HISD)

“Safal knows that academic success relies on more than just what’s in the classroom, especially for low-income students with mental and physical health needs,” said Mukta Pandit, founder and CEO of Safal Partners.

Each of these districts has unique needs. We will support Pharr-San Juan Alamo increase the quality of all early childhood learning centers in their region. We’re working with East Austin College Prep to create a trauma-informed community school model, and supporting HISD’s efforts to create feeder patterns that set up young boys of color for success.

Read more about TEA’s Community Partnership Grants at this link.