Why do even great ideas sometimes fail to make an impact? Some never take off because of the lack of dedicated resources to take the idea all the way through implementation. Some get implemented and then fail because they don’t make the transition from one-time start-up tasks to sustaining efforts. Some succeed at first but never scale to the level where they are making material impact. And some fail because they were tackling the wrong problem all along. Safal recognizes these risks that all ideas face and brings resources with the right skills at the right times.

Designing Programs

A robust design that responds to contextual realities is critical to the success of a program. Conducting research and analysis to identify gaps and opportunities, gathering requirements, designing end-to-end solutions and putting together a strategic plan are just some of the skills that Safal brings to the table during the design phase.

Managing Portfolios

Managing multiple initiatives can be challenging. How do you build a portfolio that maximizes your probability of success? How do you allocate resources, including your own time, across initiatives? How do you track your protfolio and identify issues? Safal brings proprietary frameworks and tools to help you work it out.

Implementing Change

A disciplined project management approach to track tasks, manage risks and communicate progress? Check. Strong people management skills to align key stakeholders, resolve conflict, and identify and foster desirable behaviors? Check. Safal brings PMP standards and expertise honed over multiple projects to help you implement key initiatives and usher in change as painlessly as possible.

Scaling Up

What bottlenecks constrain your organization’s growth trajectory? Let us help you find the partners, people, processes and resources to multiple the scale of your impact.

Navigating Technology

The expansion of the frontiers of technology is creating tremendous opportunities to transform the face of education and make education organizations more effective and efficient. However, the pace of innovation has also made it challenging for organizations to figure out what is right for them. Let Safal guide you in your decision-making process. Safal is certified in Texas as a Deliverables Based IT (DBIT) vendor as well as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB.)