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State Agencies & City Governments

We’ve built a track record of successful engagements with education leaders in several states, ensuring a robust combination of education content expertise and management consulting experience methodology consistent with McKinsey, Booz & Co., and some of the world’s top firms.

We have also developed the framework for a performance-based budgeting system for the City of Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S.

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TEA 21st CCLC Program

We are monitoring all active Texas Education Agency (TEA) 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) programs, also known as the Texas Afterschool Centers (ACE). The programs are charged with improving the academic experiences and achievements of Texas students, particularly the most disadvantaged populations.

In order to ensure that 21st CCLC grantees are advancing on state and federal objectives and achieving the desired outcomes of the program, we assist the TEA in:

  • Maintaining ongoing, targeted communication with its grantees
  • Ensuring grantee conformance to state and federal data reporting requirements
  • Monitoring quality compliance of the program
  • Providing an outlet for technical assistance, best-practice sharing, and evaluation adjustments

TEA Career, Technical & Adult Education

We have consolidated and reinvigorating resources from seven websites into a newly organized resource collection to better serve the education and workforce needs in Texas.

We began evaluating more than 10,000 resources April 2017, using the talents of 100 qualified Texas and national CTE experts. We convened three groups to ensure objectivity. They include a technical expert group, evaluation subject matter experts, and content development subject matter experts.

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Louisiana Department of Education

We collaborated with the Louisiana Department of Education to develop frameworks for district level reform, determine a portfolio management approach for the state agency, and articulate the state’s approach in supporting districts in creating conditions of success. A few key accomplishments included:

  • Developing frameworks for district level reform
  • Determine a portfolio management approach for the state agency, and articulate the state’s approach in supporting districts in creating conditions for success
  • Partnered with the Department of Education to provide “Level 2” deep dive support in the 3 largest parishes (Jefferson, New Orleans, and Caddo) to build plan for district-wide reform

Rhode Island Department of Education

We provided strategic assistance for the Rhode Island Department of Education as it drove statewide reforms as part of its Race to The Top program. We performed statewide interim assessment and formative assessment design and requirement gathering for Race to the Top implementation for Rhode Island and published $6.9 million RFP for interim assessments and $640K RFP for online modules for formative assessments.

Texas Association of Community Colleges

Safal Partners is partnering with the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) to develop effective processes as a first step towards developing a comprehensive strategic plan for TACC and its affiliate organizations. Safal is able to leverage significant experience in strategic and financial planning coupled with deep understanding of nonprofit organizations to support TACC in optimizing financial and budgetary processes. Through strategic assessment and collaboration with key stakeholders, Safal believes its methodology and pragmatic approach will develop a targeted and objective plan to improve TACC’s operational efficacy.

City of Houston

Safal is assisting the City of Houston in the development of a performance-based budgeting process. Safal has led the evaluation of the City’s budgeting process and performance measurement, mapping of the City programs, development of the program performance model template, and the creation of an implementation plan. By leveraging our experience in this engagement, we are able to ensure the seamless synchronization of any future efforts with ongoing initiatives.

This project highlights Safal’s competencies in:

  • Evaluating Budgeting and Financial Processes
  • Synthesizing input and feedback from multiple sources
  • Collecting and analyzing information to provide direction and support in developing a strategic plan
  • Working within a tight timeline with several moving parts
  • Designing a clear, high quality plan