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Our People

Safal recruits only the most talented and passionate professionals from the best organizations and finest institutions. They could work anywhere. They choose to work for you.

Mukta Pandit

Mukta Pandit, President and Founder of Safal Partners Inc., brings more than 20 years of global experience and a passion for driving outcomes in the social sector. In the past six years, Mukta [...]

Alex Medler

Alex Medler serves as Senior Director for the National Charter School Resource Center with Safal Partners, utilizing his charter sector expertise to support NCSRC work in publishing resources and providing technical assistance to [...]

Michelle Carson

Michelle is Senior Director, Adult Education, CTE, and Workforce Development, at Safal. Michelle brings more than 20 years’ experience in education and workforce spans working with diverse stakeholders at the local, state, and [...]

Adam Jones

Adam Jones is a Senior Advisor to Safal Partners on organizational assessment and state government issues, with more than 20 years of experience in state government. He served from 2003 to 2012 as [...]

Margaret Becker Patterson, PhD

Dr. Patterson brings decades of experience leading award-winning research in adult education. She partners with non-profit organizations, postsecondary institutions, and state and local agencies, applying research to support adult educators and learners. She [...]

Luis Elizondo-Thomson

Luis serves as Senior Director at Safal Partners. Previously, Luis served Teach for America (TFA) from 2013 through 2016 as the Houston Executive Director, leading one of the largest and most tenured regions [...]

Libby Livings-Eassa

Libby Livings-Eassa is a nationally recognized speaker and subject matter expert for comprehensive Career Pathways and workforce systems analysis, development, and building capacity.  She has extensive expertise in all aspects of career pathways [...]

Lucky Pandit

Lucky Pandit brings more than 20 years of Information Technology and project management experience. He has a proven ability to build and align technology solutions to meet business requirements in varied industries such [...]

Sarah Hamshari

Sarah Hamshari, Engagement Manager at Safal Partners Inc., draws upon her background in research and policy to provide rigorous qualitative research and writing support. She leads the development of high-quality content to help clients [...]

Cynthia Brennan-Jones, Ed.D.

Dr. Brennan-Jones is an accomplished and committed educator with a proven track record in curriculum development and instructional design. As a curriculum developer and as a classroom instructor, she has successfully integrated effective e-learning technologies, [...]

Leonel Olmedo

Leonel Olmedo brings forth more than 6 years in the teaching and education sector. Engaging with district, charter, and higher education organizations, Leonel has a passion for projects that can increase his impact [...]

Nora Kern

Nora Kern, Engagement Manager at Safal Partners Inc., has nearly a decade of experience in education policy and charter schools through her experience in non-profit and government organizations. Nora is committed to researching [...]

Swati Gupta

Swati Gupta has a strong background in education and policy research. As an Engagement Manager at Safal, Swati has led program evaluation, report writing and projects on career and technical education. Prior to [...]

Vinayak Reddy

Vinayak, an Engagement Manager at Safal Partners, brings diverse experiences from the private, public, and non-profit sectors. At Safal, Vinayak has led research papers and case studies for the National Charter School Resource [...]

Jesus Davila

Jesus Davila brings extensive public policy, research, and strategy consulting experience to Safal Partners. Prior to Safal, Jesus worked at Children at Risk, a Houston based research and advocacy group. While at Children [...]

Rajit Podder

Rajit Podder brings extensive software product development and data analytics experience. Prior to Safal, Rajit has worked as a software developer in the Health Care Sector. He has developed a digital membership card [...]

Mahua Majumdar

Mahua has diverse professional experience ranging from project management to financial valuation and audit, in the construction, utility & infrastructure and waste management industry. Prior to joining Safal, she served as a Consultant [...]

Caroline Bentley

Caroline brings diverse knowledge in business communication and design. As a Communications Specialist at Safal, Caroline has been a part of projects on career and technical education, the designing of app graphics and [...]

Donna McGuire

Donna McGuire, Executive Administrator, brings 20 years of experience in educational leadership and instruction. She served as the Assistant Principal for 12 years in the Alief School District, and supervised the Special Education [...]

Kirsten Schaffer

Kirsten Schaffer is a digital media strategist and communications professional with a decade of experience informing and engaging the public through multimedia. As a former television news journalist, she is a natural storyteller who builds [...]