Charter Resource Center

The National Charter School Resource Center, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, is dedicated to creating a robust and vibrant charter sector by providing high quality resources and assistance in areas of unmet need. Safal has put together a powerhouse of talent in order to lead the work of the Resource Center and amplify its impact on the sector.

Center for Educator Effectiveness

The Center for Educator Effectiveness, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, aims to enhance knowledge about and interest in the reform of human capital management systems to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. The Center serves grantees of the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF), as well as education stakeholders across the country. Safal Partners is leading content development for the Center.

Texas 21st CCLC Monitoring

The Texas 21st Century Community Learning Center program, also known as Texas Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE), is a grant program administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The ACE program is one of the largest statewide afterschool programs, serving over 180,000 students across nearly 1,000 sites. The program aims to improve student outcomes along a number of measures, including academic performance, attendance, behavior, promotion rates, and graduation rates. Safal partners is leading program monitoring for Texas 21st CCLC.

Safal Core Competencies

In-depth Technology Expertise

Safal brings practices from some of the largest and best managed firms in the world to the education sector. After years of work, Safal has molded these managerial talents into relevant education paradigms that are easy to understand and are readily applicable in education.

First-hand Education Sector Experience

Safal counts among its staff former teachers, trainers, grant writers, government liaisons and education researchers. Coupled with a wide range of project experience throughout the education sector, Safal brings forward tried and true education solutions.

Top-notch Management and Analytical Capability.

Safal can make quick work of the abbreviation alphabet soup that is technology to create real plans with understandable objectives. From in-depth assessments and planning to turn-key implementations, Safal has the technical experience for education results.

Recent Success Stories

  • DollarsForDegrees

    BIll & Melinda Gates Foundation

    The Gates Foundation wanted comprehensive research and analysis of the national financial aid landscape to inform their portfolio strategy. We worked with FSG to conduct primary and secondary research, including interviews with experts and focus groups with students, and synthesized
  • Talent

    Education Pioneers launches new talent placement process

    Education Pioneers, a leader in providing a direct pipeline to education leadership, engaged Safal to improve their mission-critical talent placement process, making it more efficient and effective and addressing a major constraint on growth. We identified bottlenecks and pain points,
  • FDTool

    Houston ISD Deploys New Teacher Appraisal Tool

    The seventh largest independent school district in the country deployed a new teacher appraisal tool for the 2012-2013 school year developed by Safal Partners. The new system is 100% web-based with a simple interface that has invoked reactions such as
  • Word on laptop

    George W. Bush Institute Principal Skills Training Ready to be Implemented

    The Bush Institute engaged Safal to help them create a roadmap for developing online training modules aimed at building principals’ skills as school leaders and managers of talent. The planning/feasibility phase was funded by the Gates Foundation and one of

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